Using data in Streets & Trips

imageOne of the most common questions we get asked when we go to RV rallys is “Does Streets & Trips have low clearances?
As you can imagine this is of H U G E importance to anyone driving a motor coach, fifth wheel or even pulling a tall camper.  While Streets & Trips does not include these locations out-of-the-box, you can import a collection of low bridge heights into Streets & Trips pretty easily. 

Nick Sundby and Jon Mills run the granddaddy of all low clearance poi collections at  They claim that their database is 10x larger than any other low clearance POI database…from the pictures below this could easily be true!

image  image 

How does it compare to the low clearance locations found in the free POI megafile?  Good question…here is what I discovered.

POI Megafile Low Bridge count: 311 in 4 collections
Route1 LowClearances count:    3215 (details per state) in 108 different collections

The range of bridge heights is truly amazing.  It will show you everything from a 5’6” low clearance just south of Lewisburg, TN to 15’11” clearance in Austin, TX.

So how much? and Where do I buy it?

The Full database & 12 months worth of updates sells for $19.95 can be ordered from their website [].

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