If you don’t have Streets & Trips 2013 yet, now is the time to get it!  It looks like many retailers have it on sale just in time for planning summer travels!  Staples, Amazon, the Microsoft store, Office Depot, and Fry’s all have it listed for less than $20!

Streets and Trips 2013 Box

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  1. Andrew says:

    I bought Streets and Trips 2013 last year. Are there any plans for an update? I drive a truck for a living and I do like Streets and Trips because of the ability to properly plan trips and edit them according to shipper’s directions etc. I dont like to depend on GPS to plan the trip but do use it to direct me on a trip that I have planned.

    Are there plans to update this version? There are quite a number of errors where S and T will try to route me off the interstate for no good reason – it appears to incorrectly perceive a block on the interstate and routes around it. Highway 840 between I40 and I65 southwest of Nashville has been completed as “new” US24 between Fort Wayne IN and Toledo OH.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thankfully the blockages are rare but several have become known since the release of S&T 2013. Sorry for the inconvenience. There isn’t any interm fix for this when it happens other than just plow through and it will start behaving again on the otherside of the ‘blockage’.

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