No Bridge? No Problem! Use ‘Avoid Area’

The Friday heading into Memorial Day weekend is a typically heavy-traffic day, meaning congestion and slowdowns.  The big news around Western Washington this week is an I-5 bridge collapsed (video).

There is a nifty little feature in Streets & Trips called ‘avoid area’ that was designed for these types of blockages.  Here is how it works:

How to create an Avoid Area

  1. Create a route as you normally would
  2. Pan and zoom the map into the area you would like to avoid (bridge out, low overpass, busy downtown center etc).
  3. Right-click and drag a rectangle over the desired area
  4. Right-click in the rectangle and choose ‘avoid area’ from the menu which appears


Streets & Trips will not route you through the resulting pale yellow box.  (Note: the avoid area rectangle must encompass a Hwy exit or a cross-street intersection for this to work).

Safe travels and enjoy your long weekend!

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