Solution: ‘mfc100.dll file is missing’ error

Happy Friday!

My friend Karen was seeing a ‘mfc100.dll file is missing’ error message after she installed Streets & Trips and tried to launch it. If you find yourself in that situation here is how Karen solved it:

  1. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. You do not need to uninstall/reinstall S&T for this.
  2. After it is installed – try launching S&T again.

This isn’t very common but I thought it might help someone else!

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2 Responses to Solution: ‘mfc100.dll file is missing’ error

  1. Erny says:

    I have recently purchased Street & Trip 2013, only to find that roadways on the product have not been updated in a long time. Highway numbers from 5 years ago that no longer exist are shown.

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