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Still Using S&T 2000 and Loving it!

One more day to go at the FMCA Madison RV convention.  I’ve been working the Microsft Streets & Trips booth (#625) solo and it seems the crowds stopped coming.  One of the best stories so far is a guy that … Continue reading

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Streets & Trips Product Archive

I just got a new bookcase in the office so I could display all the old product.  I am a bit of an archivist.  Some of the specimens are still shrink wrapped although I have opened several to investigate one thing or … Continue reading

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“Streets & Trips” or “Trips & Streets”?

Back in the 1998 (and before) Microsoft developed 2 mapping products.  One was TripPlanner and the other was Streets.    It is hard to believe that users were expected to buy both applications to perform such closely related tasks.  For … Continue reading

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Routing Roots – revisiting MS mapping products of the past pt.1

Let’s take a walk done memory lane and take a look at Microsoft Streets Plus from 1997.  You can click on the image thumbnails to see bigger pictures.  Legend has it that long before any "Streets & Trips" product there was a "Streets" … Continue reading

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