Free Trial

Streets & Trips 2013 is now available for download.

You are invited to ‘try it before you buy it’!
The trial software will let you use the latest version of Streets & Trips for 14 days.   Here are a few things you may want to know about the trial:

  1. It is fully functional – no features have been turned off for the trial.
  2. You will know how many days you have left each time you launch the software.
  3. It will not overwrite your previous version software.  Both can installed on your laptop side by side without a problem.
  4. After the 14 days you won’t be able to launch the software as the ‘run as trial’ option will become disabled.
  5. If you purchase a retail copy all you need to do is enter the product key to activate the trial.  You do not need to uninstall the trial and re-install.
  6. The download is large ( 2.1 GB) so I strongly suggest downloading the file using a broadband connection.
  7. If you have a GPS locator from a previous version – it will work the same with this new version.

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013 14-day trial is available from here.


27 Responses to Free Trial

  1. Gustavo J Rodriguez says:

    I tryed to install the trial version of Streets & Trips 2010 after donloawd it in my computer but is not compatible with 64 bit system. Can you help me?

  2. Ed says:

    I am trying to install the trial version of Streets & Trips on a brand new windows 7 home premium, HP computer. It downloads but when I try to open the application it tells me ” the registry settings for this application were not copied correctly.Run setup again….” I followed what the popup told me to do SEVERAL times and it does the same thing. I called tech support and was told I had to buy it first. I do not wish to buy a product that I don’t know I like and am not sure is even going to work. Can you help?

  3. Ed says:

    I tried what you said and I still get the same msg. Oh well. Thanks anyway

  4. Hi Ed,
    Sounds like a permissions issue. Try to run with elevated permissions or lower the User Acct Control settings and see if that helps.

    Run with Elevated Permissions method:
    1. Navigate to where the Streets.exe file is located. Normally, it can be found here C:\Program Files\Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 or C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 (if you are running 64bit OS).
    2. Right-click on Streets.exe and choose “properties”
    3. On the Streets.exe properties dialog window – go to the compatibility tab
    4. Under Privilege Level check “Run this program as an administrator”

    UAC Method:
    1. Close S&T
    2. Click on “start” button/circle thingy
    3. In the “search programs and files” text box type UAC
    4. Click on the result titled “Change User Account Control Settings”
    5. Drop the notification slider down a notch or 2 then click
    6. Launch S&T and see what happens

    Don’t give up, Ed!

  5. Brian says:

    Installed S and T 2011 to my wife’s win7 -64 sp1 computer and it hangs at the opening screen and never opens. Any suggestions? wish this was available for mac’s…

  6. Rich says:

    I bought a retail version of S&T 2011 a number of months ago and noticed the map data base did not seem any different than my 2006 program. Called Tech support and they just today sent me a 2nd copy gratis, but it also seems that the map data base is the same as 2006 version. How often is the map database updated?

    • Hi Rich,
      Thanks for your interest in S&T. Microsoft licenses the map data primarily from NavTeq. With each annual release we ship the software with the latest map data at that time. I’m curious how you are able to determine that the 2011 map data is not different from the 2006 map data. I can tell you that 88,000 additional miles of roads were added just from 2010 to 2011. That is equivalent to 15 roundtrips from San Francisco to New York!

      If there are locations in the map data that show to be out of date I’m sure NavTeq would LOVE to know about them. You can easily check what they have in their latest database on their website

  7. Rich Olsen says:

    I spot checked two sites that I am familiar with, one here in Arizona and one in Wisconsin, that have recently undergone changes. I.E. new interstate exchanges, and while both show up on Bing they do not show up on S&T. Both are now at least several years old. I will check out the mapreporter site. Thank You for responding.

  8. Alasdair says:


    Is there anyway that us in Europe can buy Streets & Trips, I travel extensively in the USA and Canada and having an offline mapping system is so much easier than having to use online maps, and I can use it on the flight over as well.

    Many thanks


    • Hello Alasdair,

      I couldn’t agree with you more – it is tough to travel extensively without offline maps. The good news is that Microsoft Streets & Trips has a EUR counterpart called “Microsoft Autoroute”. It contains the same great features as S&T but the map data covers 43 countries in Europe (not US, Canada or Mexico). You can learn more about AutoRoute and even download a free trail from here:

  9. Alasdair says:

    Thanks for the answer, however it is travelling in the USA & Canada is my issue….I don’t understand why you can buy Autoroute in the USA but not buy Streets & Trips in Europe!

    • Juergen Kulus says:

      Same for me, Alasdair. And the disturbing thing is that I was able to buy earlier editions in the US version of the Microsoft shop, which is now denied for some unknown reason. The error message refers to any of my entered credit card information – which I entered correctly!

  10. Juergen Kulus says:

    I had entered error info into this blog before, but it seems to have disappeared as I cannot find it anymore. So here I go again:
    I downloaded the free trial and installed it on my desktop (64-bit). During installation I was prompted that installation of hotfix kb 2643882, which I ok’ed, was required. Nonetheless, when trying to open a S&T 2011 EST file the warning that a conversion would take place was followed by the information that S&T 2013 could not open the file and I should check fpr compatibility. S&T 2013 did create new files and open those afterwards without a problem.
    I then installed the free trial on my laptop (32-bit) and everything, including opening earlier files, works like a charm.
    So I went back to my 64-bit desktop and checked for the hotfix. It had not been installed, and the S&T installation routine didn’t alert me to that fact. Then I tried to manually install that hotfix, but it was denied as not suitable for my system.
    This sure looks like a 64-bit issue to me. Support is not identifyable from Germany (because the program is not sold here) and I am left without help and no way to upgrade.

    Can this team help? Thanks!

    • Hi Juergen, Thanks for your interest in Streets & Trips in Germany! Are you planning a trip to North America soon? I wouldn’t worry much about the KB hotfix. It likely didn’t install because it turned out it was not applicable for your configuration. It would have installed had you needed it.

  11. Luke says:

    Can I activate the 14-day trial of S&T 2013 using a subsequently purchased volume license key?

    • Hi Luke – you could try but you might be better off uninstalling and re-installing the VL edition. Note: if you have the trial installed and purchased the regular retail copy you can just enter the product key and it will allow the program to work beyond the trial period.

  12. Edgar Nunez says:

    I want to buy a s&t 2013 but can anyone tellme for how many computers is this software

  13. Eric Clement says:

    Could I use S&T 2013 on my MAC ?

  14. Eric Clement says:

    Ok. Thanks!!!

  15. Travis says:

    I am trying to install Streets and Trips 2013 on a Windows 7 x64 Professional OS. It is the Volume License Version for our enterprise. Upon the the first time I open the software and it tries to register, I get the following message: “The volume License Key could not be installed. Please try uninstalling and reinistalling the application.” Of course, reinstall does not work. UAC is turned off on the computer, an the user has full Administrative Rights on the computer. Is there a fix for this?

    • Hi Travis,
      Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. Hmmmm….sounds like there is something else on your system that is interfering with the install. 1) If you have any antivirus software running – turn that off before install. 2) Navigate to the setup_ST.exe on the DVD and right-click “run as Administrator”. Hope that helps.

  16. Hi,
    Please find below what I posted in the MS Forum for S&T today. I apologize for this not being related to the free trial, but there doesn’t seem to be a working “support” channel for S&T – in beforementioned forum all entries except one remained unanswered! And being located in Germany doesn’t make things any easier …
    I hope you can help me!
    after a normal, standard refresh of my Windows 8 system a number of applications were de-installed. One of those was Streets & Trips 2013.

    When I try to install S&T 2013 the process ends with error code 0xC004D301 and the message "a Licensing initialization error has occurred". The only proposed remedies I found in various forums did not work for me, e.g.,

    1. De-install, log on as admin and re-install as admin again.

    2. Create a new User Profile in Windows 8

    3. Fix registry (applies only to earlier versions; I checked nonetheless, but the given registry entries do not exist on my system).

    4. Call Customer Support – supposedly and after the required license checks a technician takes you into share mode and fixes the corrupted license db.

    I've been using S&T for many years and starting with the 2005 version. I always bought S&T in the Microsoft store. With the latest version the store would reject me, because my credit card references a German address (I am a German citizen, who spends months every year in the USA). So I bought S&T 2013 while in the USA. The German MS store does not offer S&T.

    The German Tech Support now advised me that they cannot provide support for this product in Germany. The US Tech Support offers a 1-800 number, which does not work for out of the country calls. Alternatively they offer another number, but since such a repair call is reported to take some 30 minutes, I am hesitant to spend more money for the call than what the total program did cost.

    How can I break up this "catch 22" situation? I appreciate that MS does not offer the fix freely, as it might be abused for illegal software. On the other hand do I have regular licenses and it was Microsoft's own standard refresh of Windows 8 which causes this situation. It should be possible to connect with a US based technician via the net and without a costly call and get free of charge support.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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