More Free Resources

Here are some additional files available for download.


Streets & Trips user, Steve Jones, has created a timezone map overlay.  You can download it from his website:
If you want to add timezone lines to an existing map it can be done in 2 ways.

Select and Copy the lines from the EST or STT file

  1. Open the OnTimeZoneNA.est file
  2. Open up a second instance of Streets & Trips showing your existing target map file.
  3. Single-click one of the lines in the source file (you should see it become selected) and copy  (press Ctrl+c)
  4. Give focus now to the target map and simply press Ctrl+v to paste the line on the existing map.
  5. Repeat the process for each timezone line as there is no way to multiselelect.


  • the lines can be customized for color and thickness using the drawing toolbar.
  • this copy paste technique can also be used to copy pushpin sets from one map to another.

Import the TimeZone GPX file

  1. Download the ST-TimeZone-Lines.GPX file
  2. Import using Data –>Import GPX file menu option

Note: This technique is fast and easy but be warned – it cannot be reversed.  Those lines imported using the GPX import cannot be removed, edited or customized.

Custom Pushpin Icons

605 bmp icons suitable for using in all versions of S&T via Import Custom Symbol feature.:  download the zip file here.

ST2010 Custom Icon est file:  download the est file here.

Or download the old pushpin icons (bmp files) from the previous versions from the Microsoft Download Center.


45 Responses to More Free Resources

  1. gib says:


  2. gib says:

    using 2011
    have loke all over on how to export pushpins to a excell file
    can this be done

    • Teresa Dye says:

      I do this by going to the “route planner” page and getting the directions. Then click edit and select “copy directions”. I then open a blank excel file or a new worksheet, click your cursor in the upper most top left cell and right click paste. It will give you the turn by turn stops and you can extrapolate the data you need. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Gib,

    Streets & Trips supports importing data from a Excel file but not exporting to Excel.
    You can export the data to a GPX file but that is about the only way to get it back out.

    FWIW, Microsoft MapPoint allows you to export to Excel if you really need the functionality.

    The best way to remove duplicate data is in the source file. Once it has been imported you’d have to select and delete each duplicate pushpin 1 by 1.

  4. Jenny K says:

    I am having trouble reading my Streets & Trips 2008 file after a computer upgrade and the software re-installation. The error message reads, “An attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end.” HELP!!!!

  5. Dan says:

    How do I convert MSN S&T 2012 data to 2010. My client only has 2010. Thank you

    • Hi Dan,
      The current release is Microsoft S&T 2011. What type of data are you trying to convert. If you have 2011 you can export some of the data types to GPX file which can be imported into 2010.

      Hope that helps

  6. larry jackson says:

    how do i get 2010 streets & trips to go to the next stop, if i decide to skip a stop?

  7. Edward Luria says:

    I continue to load or “repair” a setup of Streets and Trips 2011 on a Windows 7 32-bit operating system and continue to receive the message “Your registry settings for this application were not copied correctly. To correct these settings, run Setup again for this application from the location where you originally installed it” over and over. I tried cleaning my registry of all referrals to streets and trips and then reinstalling, but to no avail. Any help possible?

  8. Wm Kabrich says:

    Is there any way to load and read the map files from S&T 2011 on my Android phone ? I love and have used the program since it first came out and get a new version every year when they become available. But I hate to carry around paper maps for every route I have to use them for. I use S&T to route school bus pick-ups for my work it has been invaluable. The map programs the school bus company’s put out cost thousands and I work for a small non-profit school and S&T works so much better and the cost savings make me look real good. 🙂

    • That is so encouraging to hear how you are using Streets & Trips for school bus pickups! Thanks for being such a strong supporter of the software! Do you use S&T with a GPS receiver for navigation or just print the maps out?

      To answer your first question…currently there is not a way to load/read S&T map files on any Android phone.

  9. Wm. Kabrich says:

    I print the maps for the drivers (school can’t afford to have computers with gps in the buses) when I have to check out new clients I use my own netbook and the gps to find where I am going. We cover both Los Angeles and Orange county in Califorina and it is a big space to remember all the streets. 😀 hehehe.

  10. Mike M. says:

    Is there a way to show trip stopovers on a calenar? This would be very useful for trip planning.

  11. Chris Rupe says:

    Hello, I am trying to import route data into Streets and Trips. I am importing from a text file. I can successfully import the data as pushpins however, I see no easy way to put all that data into the route planner. Right clicking each pushpin and selecting ‘Route–>Add as Stop’ isn’t any faster than just typing the addresses in.

    Is there an easy way to import this data directly into the route planner?

    • Hi Chris,

      If you import route data in a GPX file the route will automatically show up in the Route planner pane. If the data is in another format you may have some work to do. One method would be to right-click and drag a rectangle the encompases all the pushpins then righ-click inside the rectangle and choose “add pushpins as stops”. This will add them all at once to the route planner and save you a bunch of time. The only thing you’ll need to do is shuffle them into the right order. Better yet, just set your starting point and your destination point in the route planner and then click OPTIMIZE STOPS. S&T will figure out the best possible route for the stops inbetween. There are not many programs that provide such a service.

    • trdye76 says:

      In the legend /overview page, you will see the file you imported whether it is txt. or xls. Right click on it and select “add stops as push pins. Then when you go to the route planner, those push pins will be there.

  12. Mike Soloe says:

    I use S & T 2011 for work and most of the time it works great, but i have one city (Hammond, IN) where on a lot of the address if you don’t add S (South) it maps it in the wrong location, and there really isn’t a N (North) or S (South) for the streets. I use a Garmin for my gps and it places them in the correct location, but the problem is if i don’t catch it in S & T when i’m routing it then when i doing the route i have jobs that are miles out of place and messes up the entire route.

  13. cheapbastud says:

    I have destinations that I am trying to import into S&T for routing. I import a comma delimited .txt file using the data import wizard and the data displays on the map as pushpins. I see no easy way of getting those pushpin destinations into the route planner. Right clicking each push pin and selecting “Route–>add as stop” isn’t any faster that just typing the addresses in.

    Is there an easier way to import this data directly into the route planner?

  14. robinhuggs says:

    I am desperate! I used to be able to import data from excel into S&T, in previous editions, that included icons. I list cell sites for the Big Four telecom carriers, and have used S&T for many years now to map out production. My big issue with 2011 is that I have not found a way to identify the pushpin per site when I upload it from excel. I have literally thousands of sites, identified by lat/long, and I cannot afford the time to individually select pushpins. Is there no way to identify the pushpins in excel? I use only the large Triangles that are part of S&T 2011. Seriously, if I cannot do this then my company is going to drop S&T, and right now we have over 300 field techs using it!!!!

  15. Keith says:

    Are there any printed manuals / how-to books or even pdfs that we can purchase to learn more about how to use the Streets and Trips Software well? We love what we’ve learned so far from fellow RVers but we would love to be able to read/research more how to use all of the powerful features. Any suggestions are welcome (hint, hint – here is another source of revenue for your team!)

    • Hi Keith,

      Thanks for using Streets & Trips and taking the time to visit the blog. There are several resources available to help you learn more about the software.

      1. The “?” button on the toolbar will launch help documentation. You can either browse through the table of contents or go to the search tab and try a keyword search.
      2. Watch the YouTube videos on the video page:
      3. Purchase a CD with over 1 hour of S&T tutorials by the Geeks on Tour. Note: even though these videos were created using S&T 2010/2011 they still contain loads of valuable information that apply to S&T 2013. Purchase from here:

      Hope that helps,

  16. Keith says:

    I guess there is nothing on paper to look at and read while looking at laptop. It is hard for older people to look at pictures then do it on the laptop. Thank you

  17. ShowBuyGal says:

    I uploaded 1900 addresses to be “pushpin” to a map. But it shows very few. Is there any maximum data that allow to upload?

    • Hi ShowBuyGal,

      There is no maximum. It should show all the addresses as pushpins unless it cannot determine their location. Check the source file with the addresses for problems. If you would like to have me take a look at it send the addresses to me at Streetsandtrips [at] Hotmail [.]com

  18. Adam says:

    How do I remove/customize the “Other Places” that appear on the map? These are the smallest places under the “Populated Places”. When I zoom in to a certain distance, they appear and basically cover everything. Mostly it is mobile home parks and master plan neighborhoods. These don’t appear in my 2011 version, but I can’t get rid of them in the 2013. If there is no way to remove them, then I will be switching map programs completely because it detracts from the usefulness in a big way.

    • Hi Adam –

      My apologies for the late reply. This “other places” is baked in and cannot be removed/hidden in Streets & Trips. Our sister product MapPoint does give you much more control over what is displayed on the map and might be a good choice for you. It contains all the S&T goodness + some additional features primarily used by Enterprise customers. Check out for details.

  19. Eric Frost says:

    This is more MapPoint related (S&T and AR’s big brother), but thought I’d share these sites as free resources: <- MapPoint Newsletters <- MapPoint Forums

  20. Vicky Wilson says:

    I just realized I have a problem with my maps in S&T 2013. I had 2010 version and when I open a map from there and it wants match the points to the newer map it converts the addresses wrong. For example it shows a point in TN that is physically accurate in the location on the map but when I select “show information” for that point it has an AL address showing. I have tried by opening a map from the 2010 program and I have also tried by importing a GPX file – both convert the addresses wrong. What can I do to get an accurate map in 2013 version? Otherwise I must continue to use 2010 version and this purchase was a waste of money. Please help!
    Thank you.

  21. Bob Kershaw says:

    I used to get the Large Arrows when I moved the cursor to the edge of the map. This was especially useful when doing something like “measuring distance”, because you could measure to the edge, get the large arrow, click, and continue measuring. (Zooming out would lose detail) For some reason I have lost the Large Arrow function and need it back. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Bob – The large arrow cursor on the edge of the map is still there as it always has been. I’ve never heard of it going missing before. Without seeing your computer it makes it difficult to chime in with a solution. What DO you see when you move your cursor to the edge? (small pointer then double-ended window size adjuster cursor?) What if you open up a new map and try it again.

  22. Robert Fox says:

    There is an option in Mappoint to highlight an area of the map and export to excel. Is there an option to do this in Streets and Trips.

    • Hi Robert,

      Export to Excel has always been a MapPoint-only feature. There is currently no way to do this in S&T. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you might try the export to GPX feature and see if that helps you.

  23. John Emeny says:

    Hello. I have been running S&T 2008 on this computer for over a year. I recently uninstalled and re installed it due to a corruption but I am unable to activate the new install using the original Product Key. An error message says the Product key is “incorrect or invalid”. The MS Activation Team says they need an “Installation ID” to proceed. They say an “installation ID” is generated during activation but I don’t see it. Can you help?

    • Hi. Sorry to hear about your installation issues. This sounds like something for the support team to help you with. There is not much I can do from here. Give them a call at (800) 668-7975 (Canada) or (866) 452-4755 (USA).

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